ZEE5 is a popular streaming platform for Indian users, where you can enjoy a variety of sports, news, and TV programs. The most amazing feature of this app is the intuitive interface that allows you to manage your channel as a one-stop shop for all your YouTube needs. This application was created because of my love of new apps and technology. Over the years, I’ve been developing and improving applications for a wide range of audiences. If you’re tired of the same old shows, ZEE5 has a perfect solution. You shouldn’t have to scroll through a long list of shows to find something new. It allows you to view and download content for free. You don’t need cable.

ZEE5 MOD APK Download


There are new technologies coming out every day, but this is the best of them all. People are more interested than ever in watching videos online, instead of sitting in front of a computer or TV. Zee5 Mod is one of the best streaming apps available. It has a huge library of exclusives and a good interface. It has gone all over the country, so you don’t have to worry about your provider or language barrier stopping you from watching your favorite shows.

ZEE5 MOD APK Gameplay

ZEE5 has been ranked as one of the best streaming services out there because of its high-quality content and its user-friendliness. The platform has a wide range of movies, TV shows, and original content that you can watch whenever you want. This website provides you with a wide variety of programs and content so you can watch it whenever and wherever you want. You can even rewind and fast forward while watching your favorite show. It offers a wide variety of content and gives you access to original shows and movies. You can even use it offline, so that means you don’t need a data plan to stream videos or watch videos on YouTube!


ZEE5 Features

Multiple languages support

ZEE5 is a great site for streaming movies, TV shows, and original content available in 12 languages. If you want a treat that’s a bit different, try this out. Connecting it to your device will let you watch for hours from anywhere in the world.

Intuitive interface

Zee 5 is an intuitive service that lets you watch shows and movies, search for new content, and share recommendations with friends in a few clicks. One of the main reasons this platform is so popular is that it is easy to use. It has a simple and intuitive interface that makes you feel pleased.

Enjoy live TV channels

ZEE5 has a wide variety of interesting television channels to offer from sports to news to business. There are many ways to watch live events, from sitting in front of the TV to watching them online.

Enjoy your personalized content

If you want a fun and entertaining app that allows you to watch videos in just a few clicks then this app is for you. The service allows you to choose what content you want to watch by providing personalized recommendations based on your opinions and previous choices. Zee5 will remember that you enjoyed this show/movie, so it will be more likely to offer it to you again in the

Gameplay Screenshots

Last UpdatedAug 22, 2022
Current VersionVaries with device
File Size34M
PublisherZ5X Global FZ LLC
Requires5.0 and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay
Alda Games

Mod Features

  • Premium Unlocked –

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ZEE5 allow multiple devices?

After renting the content, you can watch it across 2 devices, however, at any given point, you can only watch it on one single device. If your watch time validity has not expired and you log in using the right credentials, you can start viewing, pausing, and resuming on your second device.

Can ZEE5 be watched without a subscription?

On ZEE5 you can watch your favorite show for free. Some of the most popular TV shows from the past years are available for free.

User Reviews

  • I would have rated it five stars. I use the internet to view the application. Every 10 minutes the application stops the video or pauses it, and plays from the beginning, as well as checking the other contents of the app. The problem needs to be fixed. The development team should fix it.


  • This app is great for watching tv shows. I saw a film recently. The experience was good. I was unable to watch a movie when I tried to open it on my desktop. The experience was poor. I am a premium subscriber and it was lagging.


ZEE5 has thousands of great web series for you to watch. Here’s all the romance, action, and comedy. It’s everything you’d expect, plus more. The interface is easy to navigate with plenty of options like the ability to instantly resume a movie or tv show. Facebook, for example, has a feature that lets users quickly jump back to the action without having to wade through unimportant information or load times.



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