YouTube Music Premium Mod APK 4.63.52 2022

YouTube Music Premium Mod APK Download and enjoy your favorite songs anytime you want! Plus, get access to all the features you could ever dream of!

YouTube Music Premium Mod APK Download

YouTube Music Premium Mod APK

Music streaming has become one of the most popular trends over the past few years. A lot of companies have seen an increase in their sales from companies such as Netflix, Hulu, and the like. Streaming music is far from a new concept however with Spotify Premium APK existing since 2006. It’s a fact that is true across the globe at this point, people everywhere prefer to listen to something instead of nothing without commercials!

One of the most popular music streaming platforms today is YouTube Music. You’ll find that YouTube has a lot to offer, and one of these various functions is the ability for you to stream music. There are over 100 million downloads for this platform in general which is insane! But feel free to read on because we have more to say about this music-based streaming service.


How it works YouTube Music Premium Mod APK

Music streaming apps are seeing a lot of traction. Folks just can’t seem to get enough of the tunes they love, and now people no longer have to go through the trouble of downloading songs from their laptops or storing them on their cell phones.

But thanks to the internet, we can now stream music rather than use those expensive and annoying cable subscriptions. Think of the apps like Netflix for music that lets you listen to your favorite tunes without interruptions and lets you play it loud! Now, Google has also joined the group with its own app – YouTube Music.

Obviously, this is a streaming app so you can listen to lots of music without using any data. And for this exchange, you don’t need to download it if you don’t want to. In addition, the app has many features such as being able to discover music through your interests and preferences.

Overall, YouTube Music is an excellent music app that basically has everything a music lover would ever need. It can give you pretty much any kind of music genre, no matter how obscure! Another benefit of it is that it allows you to search for songs by typing in just the lyrics – something that other services probably don’t have. However, the best feature this app offers its users is the ability to discover new music and listen to it instantly.

Youtube Music Premium Mod APK Features

YouTube Music is surely different from any other music streaming service – even when compared to Spotify. With that stated below are the mentioned benefits of this app:

Background Play – If you’re a long-time internet user, especially on YouTube or another streaming platform, then you’ve probably run into the issue that audio services often don’t work in the background. This is a nuisance to most people who just want to listen to music while they’re doing other things on their phones. Sure, you can play downloaded music on your phone but you lose some of those features when compared with the full-feature YouTube app, for example.

No ads – YouTube Premium allows users to stream ad-free music without the need to download entire tracks. No difficult uploading, syncing, or organizing as with Spotify. Just open the app and start streaming your favorite tunes from popular artists today!

The best sound experience – If you’re looking for the absolute highest quality audio available, YouTube Music is a clear choice. With over 30 million songs completely ad-free and with no need to convert video to audio files, you can enjoy uninterrupted access to some of the finest sounds in music. In addition, your favorite artists will also be on hand to give you a personalized experience direct from their official channels.

Download from YouTube Music – In the past, one could only be able to download music through a third-party app. But now thanks to this new streaming platform, downloading can be accomplished straight through the app itself. It’s perfect for those looking for a way to maximize the amount of data that can be saved on their mobile devices and plans. If you like what you’re hearing, you’ll be happy to know that additional music can also be downloaded from within this app as long as they’re not copyrighted tracks. It allows you to have access to your favorite songs even without an internet connection!

Search Lyrics- a new startup company that connects to the search engine previously mentioned. Unlike the major search engines out there, this provides lyrics when one searches for a song playing somewhere in public. This is very beneficial in terms of convenience because it saves time and effort on the part of people who wish to learn the lyrics!

YouTube music is a great source for discovering new music. It includes millions of songs and is updated daily to give you the latest trends in music. And because YouTube is such a large search engine, it will probably have every song that has ever existed so there’s no need to search anywhere, you can choose according to your preferences and your favorite categories!

Recommendations – Now, we all love when certain firms recommend products based on what they know we like regardless of where it is and YouTube Music does that really well. Basically, YouTube Music relies on the information you provide to make smart recommendations with similar music, playlists, and more. Your own listening habits also determine the recommendations made for you which is how the YouTube Music algorithm works.

Equalizer – Thanks to this feature, you have the power to make your music sound great by adjusting different aspects of what you’re listening to.

YouTube is a great platform for streaming music and watching videos. But like a lot of other things, Youtube can get a little bit too much sometimes. With Auto-ST mode on YouTube Music, you don’t have to worry about going overboard as users can flag inappropriate content that they might not want others searching for.

Software Screenshots

YouTube Music Premium Mod APK
YouTube Music Premium Mod APK
YouTube Music Premium Mod APK
YouTube Music Premium Mod APK
Last UpdatedAug 1, 2022
Current Version4.63.52
File Size42M
PublisherGoogle LLC
Requires5.0 And up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay

Installation Guide

YouTube Music Premium Mod APK 4.63.52 2022


Mod Features

  • Play video clips in the background (even when the smartphone is locked)
  • No ads
  • The operating mode “Audio only”
  • High sound quality
  • Languages English, Polish


Youtube Music Premium Mod APK streams songs and music videos safely, and securely from anywhere in the world. Download now!


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