Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk 1.5 (Unlimited Money) 2022

If you love motorcycles, you’re going to fall in love with Xtreme Motorbikes Mod APK – Unlimited Money which gives you the opportunity to customize your dream motorcycle and race against other motorcyclists in different tracks.

Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk Download

Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk

Love to drive fast and make biker’s stunts? Now you can do that in Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk, which is what everyone 2D motorbike racing games enthusiasts should try out. You get the chance to speed down streets, pass through tight roads, and drive as fast as you can just before the time runs out. If you’re looking for good biker’s stunt racing games, this is one of our favorites.

More than 500,000 people have already enjoyed this game, which has allowed them to ride on various motorbikes. There are realistic sounds and graphics, which make it an enjoyable experience overall.


Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk Gameplay

This game lets you and up to five other people ride as many bikes as you want! You can unlock over 20 powerful motorcycles and customize them with paint to your liking. There are different road courses around the city and you can run them all or pick one to focus on for each ride. There are authentic engine sounds that let you experience the thrill of the road. Change your driver or passenger if you like—you can drive solo or with a friend!

Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk Features

Xtreme Motorbikes is about fast, loud and cool motorbikes that race around a track full of obstacles. You might have seen these bikes before on the road, but now you can finally try one out for yourself!

Ride Bikes In The City

Motorcycles always seem to be on the road, and no matter where you are, they are quick and easy ways to travel. If you love bike racing, these games will be your secret weapon! Bikes can move fast (and drive crazy!) in cities and highways. But there are limits! These games let everyone ride away from the limits! You beware because cops will come after you if you keep breaking the law!

Complete Different Challenges and Events

In this game, there’s no time limit or hurry. People who play need to experience the fun of urban skating without any pressure, and they should focus on staying alive. Stay alert while skating on a big ramp as your competitor might try to get the best of you and push you off! Enjoy roaming around the city with ramps scattered all over it! Complete different challenges and events and win some rewards!

Various Powerful Bikes to Ride

You’ve got tons of bikes to choose from in Xtreme Motorbikes. Each motorbike has its defining features, such as horsepower, engine, style, and more. Unlock your favorite Bike by completing a set of different tasks in the city and earn money. Convert that cash into new wheels in the shop.

Customize Your Motorcycle

It’s fun to customize your biker style. Give your bike some unique style by choosing from many colors, patterns and designs. Also, don’t forget to personalize who goes with you on rides by adding their name or picture!

Great Graphics And Controls

This bike game features realistic engine sounds, tire sounds, which will provide an immersive experience not found in other games.

Gameplay Screenshots

Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk
Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk
Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk
Last UpdatedAugust 11, 2021
Current Version1.5
File Size52M
PublisherXtreme Games Studio
Requires4.4W and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay

Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Features

  • Unlimited money

Installation Guide

Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk 1.5 (Unlimited Money) 2022

Final Thoughts (Conclusion)

Xtreme Motorbikes Mod Apk is the perfect simulator for those who want to experience what it would be like to drive a motorbike. You’ll get the chance to explore a vast open-world where you will help save a city from criminals and also provide assistance wherever necessary. A few cool things about this game are that you can perform tricks with your motorcycle by going on jumps and using ramps to earn some points, which you can then use while purchasing other vehicles in addition to getting upgrades!


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