Toon App Mod APK (Pro Unlocked) 2022

Toon App Mod APK If you like being trendy and acting with the trend such as cartooning yourself then why don’t you download Toon app today and play sometime in the future?

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Toon App Mod APK

In today’s world of technology, it’s easy to amaze people by using a smartphone app. Many of us have smartphones and play with them all the time. Some even joke that there’s an app for every type of thing in life! Nowadays, you can make yourself look like a cartoon even if you don’t know how to draw or hire an illustrator! All you need is the app Toon App! This app will automatically turn your photos into cool cartoon versions of yourself !

Although most editing software on the market today requires users to pay in order to be able to work it, is a simple way for individuals and businesses alike to turn themselves into cartoons, all without paying a penny!


How it Works

We use our smartphones so much in the first world today that we have basically replaced a majority of things – like typewriters. People don’t even use them anymore since they can type easier anytime they want on their phones. As well, there are a bunch of other things you can do with your phone that weren’t possible 20 years ago. But if you’re here, you probably know how to go with the trend of having yourself cartooned as well!

In today’s fast-paced world, time is a luxury that everyone with a job has come to cherish. Thankfully services such as Lyrebird Studio are committed to solving the problems faced by its users in the most efficient way possible. They’ve developed Toon, a one-tap app that offers people cartoon photos for their social media accounts like Facebook and TikTok. This app is revolutionary because it allows for self-expression without demanding too much of one’s precious time. Every user is able to take advantage of this technology within seconds which makes it an invaluable tool for appearance enhancements!

This is an app made to turn your photos into cartoons. There are many types of cartoon effects in the app, such as the Trendy Drip effect and Magic Brush. There are also a lot of filters including oil painting, vector art and sketch art. Aside from these features you can change the background layout of your photo using many different styles of layouts that you can use with this app.

Toon App Mod APK Features

Achieve Trending Effects

Turning yourself into a cartoon has never been easier with Artificial Intelligence! No matter how many times you twist your face or make funny expressions in the mirror, it just doesn’t live up to what you would get if you let AI take care of the cartoonry. With Toon App’s incredible technology, transforming your face into a cartoon is as simple as pressing a button. You don’t have to be famous, either: Upload any selfie or picture and our magical AI will create an original cartoon that looks just like you.

A Bunch of Cartoon Filters and Backgrounds

With more than one million downloads since its launch, this app has become so popular because of the many kinds of cartoons you can use as filters, and because it has some stunning backgrounds that will fit any kind of comics or caricatures. There are a lot of layouts that you can easily use in just one click! You can either change colors or choose styles you want to make the photos pop out. Save hours on manual editing and apply these filters anytime, anywhere!

Other Photo Filters

Additionally, there are several photo filters that you can apply that aren’t just cartoons. These are oil painting, sketch arts and more. Sit back as you watch yourself turn into a classic oil painting portrait while this app does all the heavy lifting for you!

Selfie camera effects app

The app detects the best light for your face and highlights the features of your face that make you look good naturally. You can also edit it further if you want too! And because this app is fun, it’s a great way to upload pictures to all of social media!

Software Screenshots

Toon App Mod APK
Toon App Mod APK
Toon App Mod APK
Toon App Mod APK
Last UpdatedAug 19, 2022
Current Version2.5.0.0
File Size40M
PublisherLyrebird Studios
Requires5.0 and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay

Installation Guide

Toon App Mod APK (Pro Unlocked) 2022

Toon App Mod Features

  • Pro Unlocked
  • No Watermark


Toon App Mod APK allows its users to create a cartoon version of themselves with just the press of a button. Whether you’re on your way out for an evening at the pub or want to spice up your Facebook photos, it’s a cool new way to turn yourself into a celebrity.


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