Stranger Things 1984 Review 2022

Stranger Things 1984 is a series that is based in the 80s and involves cult conspiracy theories as well as a number of video game references. Some might appreciate that show and its themes, but it’s not available for an original experience for viewers

Stranger Things 1984 Overview

Stranger Things 1984

Fans of the Netflix original, Stranger Things, can relive their favorite moments from the first season right on their Android devices!. In the game, players move around a city based on those seen in shows and go on separate adventures with Joyce and Hopper as they help Eleven with her investigation. But that’s not all!

Stranger Things 1984 also includes mini-games where players can navigate through a Mr. Clarke Sandwich Emporium kitchen, feeding Dr. Brenner as well Del’s neighborhood. The best part? It’s free – actually, it is… Well, at least for now.


The developers of the game Stranger Things to develop a product that would appeal to fans of the show as well as deliver any new players interested in the genre. The game features pixel-art styled graphics and a catchy chiptune rendition of its theme song.

Fans who follow the series will love all the little details they’ve captured with each setting and cutscene, while those unfamiliar with it will still enjoy playing an awesome retro platformer inspired by classics like Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda!


Things heat up right away when Hopper gets a call in the middle of the night from Flo, who informs us in clicky letter-by-letter text (similar to Animal Crossing or Banjo Kazooie), “Four kids are missing. It’s that Byers boy and his friends.”

Stranger Things: The Game has 6 completely different dungeons spread around Hawkins, the town in which all of the events of Stranger Things take place. There are 13 playable characters, each having their own special ability that can be activated at any given point during the game.

Some levels take hours to complete and others max out at only about 20 to 40 minutes depending on how fast you are and whether or not there is more story content for you to dive into. There is a limited amount of time to spend completing the entire game at full speed – so it will most definitely appeal mostly to hardcore gamers who might already have played through something similar in the past.


The controls are so simple that even the most nimble-fingered players will have no trouble going from screen to screen without an issue. All of this information is delivered to players via a series of screens which may all seem virtually identical. Players only have to press where they want their character to go and deal with enemies and objects by tapping on or near them.

The game also incorporates various stylistic tricks such as breaking dungeons up into different screens for experiencing each area individually in order to help promote the Netflix original show upon which it is based.

Apart from that in this game, there are many functions that each of the characters possess, but for example will often have you ranged weapon overworld areas which other can not. Similarly to this upwards dungeon their complexity becomes increasingly trying to collectibles which command unlocked roles for costumes each character.

Additionally, each dungeon contains objects scattered throughout, which the player-character will comment on when tapped. There are TV’s, computers and books. For example tap on a glowing computer as Hopper in the first chapter and he’ll say, “These buddy cop shows aren’t very realistic.” There isn’t much depth to it but it adds an appreciated – however shallow – layer of interactivity to the world. In the end you’ll find that you know Hawkins like the back of your hand.

Gameplay Screenshots

Stranger Things 1984
Stranger Things 1984


Encased in a retro looking, pixelated filter and featuring iconic characters from the Netflix series Stranger Things, Stranger Things 1984 is a fun romp for fans of the series! Don’t let the game being on Netflix dissuade you from giving this a try because it would be anything but disappointing! In fact, it’s very likely that you’d want to watch more after completing this short but satisfying experience which you might even be able to follow up with BonusXP’s Stranger Things 3: The Game.


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