Rosetta Stone MOD Apk v8.19.0 ( Premium Unlocked ) 2022

Rosetta Stone MOD Apk is a language learning app for people to learn different languages on the go, via their smartphones.One of the most trusted language learning services which has helped thousands of people to learn new languages.It’s also worth pointing out that this company launched their app back in the 90s before many companies began to build apps for the iPhone and Android.

Rosetta Stone MOD Apk Download

Rosetta Stone MOD Apk

After the emergence of smartphones, they have released their official Rosetta Stone app and put their learning courses in it. Due to which it has gained lots of appreciation and become an award-winning language learning app.It is a great resource for learning any language, as it’s written in an easy-to-follow manner, and the vocabulary is diverse.This guide contains short but effective lessons to learn any language that you want to speak.

How Rosetta Stone MOD Apk Work

This app includes a number of interesting features and proven methods to help you increase your learning success.The best and simplest method of learning English is this program. It will give you a sequence of images and words to derive the meaning of that word or phrase without any translations.It’s equipped with an accurate accent speech engine to help you improve your pronunciation, and there are over 300 hours of lessons so that you can learn the English language by listening and speaking aloud.


Rosetta Stone MOD Apk Features

Easy to setup

Rosetta Stone doesn’t require any lengthy process to set up the app as you just need to follow a few steps to start the app.Once you’ve installed the app, open it and click “Create Account.” Then, select your language, and click “Next.Your account will be created and activated successfully. You then need to select an appropriate product plan, including basic, travel, or beginner.

10 min bite-sized lessons

After you complete the app setup, it will give you 10 minutes lessons five days a week for six weeks.So you don’t have to spend all day on your phone, just 10 minutes per day to learn the language you want.In these 10 minutes of sessions, you’ll get a comprehensive view of the language you wish to learn.

Get access to 24 languages

In Rosetta Stone, you can learn many languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese, German and many more. You can choose from one, two or three languages at a time and even learn up to 24 different languages, all while improving your communication skills.If you’re a businessman or a traveling agent, this app will help you learn a new language in a short time.It also has options to learn only essential words from each language.You don’t have to learn the entire language.

Speak with confidence

This app teaches you a new language and sounds great, too.To help make you talk with confidence, it has a perfect pronunciation feature that will teach you step by step to start fine-tuning.The feature will activate your device’s microphone to record your voice so that you can listen to your pronunciation.If you say it correctly, it will give you a checkmark, but if you don’t say it correctly, it will give you an x mark and ask you to do it again unless you say it correctly.

Software Screenshots

Rosetta Stone MOD Apk
Rosetta Stone MOD Apk
Rosetta Stone MOD Apk
App NameRosetta Stone
Last UpdatedJul 21, 2022
Latest Version8.20.0
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
PublisherRosetta Stone Ltd
Get it OnGoogle Play

Mod Features

  • Premium Unlocked

Installation Guide

Rosetta Stone MOD Apk v8.19.0 ( Premium Unlocked ) 2022


Language is important because it helps us communicate with each other.If you are proficient in multiple languages, then you have more opportunities in your life to become a successful person.Some people can’t speak different languages, but others don’t need to as Rosetta Stone will be the best source for such individuals to learn different languages.


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