Pocket Rally Mod Apk Unlimited Money 2022

Pocket Rally Mod Apk This is your chance to drive an amazing car rally racing game. If you are ready put the pedal to the metal and blaze your way through ramp-filled levels that will leave you feeling wide-eyed and thoroughly exhilarated! Win over fans by collecting distinctive items. Then customize or beef up your cars for even more fun!

Pocket Rally Mod Apk Free Download

Pocket Rally Mod Apk

Pocket Rally Mod Apkis a rally racing game for android. The game can be highly addictive, so much that you might find yourself playing it every second that you’re not working late or sleeping for example. First released in December 2015, Pocket Rally has been improved over the months until version 1.4.0 came out in June 2016. One great benefit about Pocket Rally is how it rewards players with plenty of free unlockable cars in-game when you connect to Facebook and the developers’ webpage.

There is one downside to the game – in that you are never able to create any new maps or landscapes. Sure, it’s rather exciting to design brand new cars and all of their modifications but there are also other benefits that come with this downside – such as being able to change the color of the car’s undergarments. It gets boring at times but with this kind of madness comes innovation and guarantees that whichever car you’ve built will never break!


Pocket Rally Mod Apk Gameplay

Nitro Boost is the ultimate upgrade for Pocket Rally. Receive extra power to not only reach the finish line first but also get ahead of your opponents as they fight to catch up. The feeling of victory will be more than just a win; it will be a major accomplishment that brings happiness and lasting joy to you and all those around you.

The game has two main modes: the first is Grand Prix mode, in which you gain points as you play and then use those points to upgrade your car or purchase other cars included with the game. The second is a Time-Trial mode, where players race against each other but it’s not necessary so much teamwork to win compared to Rally races, since there’s only one player controlling the vehicle.

Pocket Rally Mod Apk Features

Design and Compose Game Settings

Pocket Rally allows players to design and compose their game settings from the main menu. The player has many choices to make which allow them to create a unique gameplay experience, including calibrating the tilt of their device as well as specifying which controller layout they would like to use. As an added bonus, the in-game menu also includes a way to take screenshots of your play for sharing with others via social media or email.

Automatic acceleration allows for less pain but does nothing to challenge a player. If a player chooses the manual option and crashes on a level, they’re forced to restart the whole level rather than just going back a few yards and continuing where they left off. Because of this, we recommend that players stick with automatic acceleration so they can progress quickly without being penalized when they mess up!

Choose desired camera view

Just like Rally Fury, there are various camera view options available for players in the game, and this ultimately provides complete freedom to the users. It’s a crucial decision no matter what camera view you decide upon, but it can be difficult to make if you’re just starting out because there are so many options.

However, what seemed like a difficult concept was actually made easy the moment we had to consider an in-game option that would offer players a very different perspective of their gameplay. This way of seeing things is an entirely new point of view that mirrors the 3D environment. It’s an experience that puts you in control instead of one dictated by the game for most player perspectives tend to be more game-envisioned than anything else.

Collect upgrades

A set of wheels is a must to be able to claim your title as the “King (or Queen!) of the Road!” The more prizes you win along the way, the further you will go in racing and ultimately building up your car collection!

Upgraded car capabilities may be bought for a certain car by upgrading its performance, like faster acceleration or better suspension. Most upgraded abilities can also be activated during races on the map screen when purchasing them and sometimes with special items in-game.

Gameplay Screenshots

Pocket Rally Mod Apk
Pocket Rally Mod Apk
Pocket Rally Mod Apk
Pocket Rally Mod Apk
Last UpdatedOctober 30, 2018
Current Version1.4.0
File Size51M
PublisherIllusion Magic Studio
Requires2.3 and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay

Pocket Rally Mod Features

  • Free Download

Installation Guide

Pocket Rally Mod Apk Unlimited Money 2022


There are 4 different racing modes, each containing 35 candy-themed courses. There are also more than ten car designs to choose from before you begin racing with your custom vehicle.

Collecting new cars and upgrades to increase your score is a great way to boost your rank at the end of the game. But you will also find other ways (like collecting stars for example) which will allow you to improve your ranking as you play through the game. Speaking of playing, did you know that not all destinations are available from the start? You can unlock new locations on the map by completing specific courses and objectives.


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