Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk 1.0.35 Unlimited Everything 2022

Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk is one of our favorite games, and we think that you’ll love it too. In celebration of its latest release, we’re going to share a few things about the addicting game.

Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk Download

piano tiles 2 mod apk

Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk is one of the pianists’ most popular gaming apps. You will enjoy the magic of music and experience the fun of creating a melody by playing on the different tiles that appear on your screen. The game offers an intuitive interface, awesome graphics, jaw-dropping sound effects, popular songs, and many other features! We’re thankful to you for making us one of two top 10 bestseller mobile games on the Google Play Store.

Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk Gameplay

Like the game Magic Tiles 3, you’re prompted with a ‘name’ settings section upon starting the application. This name is used exclusively for ease of use during ranking and serves no impactful purpose. The actual core of the gameplay can be found in its tutorial mode. Here, one will find a virtual piano with tiles corresponding to each key’s note and a countdown timer at the bottom. As you tap on the tiles, the countdown timer decreases, indicating when to move from one key to another or stop playing altogether.


One of the best aspects of Piano Tiles 2 is its feature of being highly customizable. It’s one of the app’s standout features, and it allows you to make things more personal, removing some of the monotony that can occur with other matching games. The game has many features, and they’re all fairly straightforward – which makes it easy to learn how to play.

There are four different difficulty levels, comprised of 4 rows across each (for a total of 16) tiles that need to be matched to remove them from the board. Competing against fellow players is certainly fun as well, although they may occasionally get in your way! As we said above, it’s also super easy to play – tap matching colored tiles in the correct order, and before long, you’ll be climbing the leaderboards!

Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk Features

Share with Friends

The game boasts a myriad of social features which will enable you to play, connect, and interact with friends. The game allows the player to chat, send gifts, and challenge their friends to compete for the highest score. You can also create or join a guild where you can interact with other players that share similar interests.

Besides these features, your progress will be automatically saved when you connect it to Facebook which can be used for easy accessibility.

Many Different Pianos and Tunes

Piano tiles 2 is lots of fun and also great for building your skills at the same time. The game has over 40 different pianos, tunes, and variations, and you can create custom playlists of your favorite songs while you listen and play all in one place! On a lighter note, the game is an amusing distraction from the main gameplay and helps develop your skills with a specific piece of music.

Addictive and Challenging

Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk is addictive and challenging for all levels. It has many leaderboards and achievements to help you show off your skill and the ability to create music in the music studio. You can share your creations with friends or add them to the playlist that you’ve created.

Gameplay Screenshots

piano tiles 2 mod apk
piano tiles 2 mod apk
piano tiles 2 mod apk
piano tiles 2 mod apk
Last UpdatedJul 15, 2022
Current Version1.0.40
File Size25M
PublisherGMG Global
Requires4.4 and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay

Piano Tiles 2 Mod Features

  •  Unlimited Money

Installation Guide

piano tiles 2 mod apk
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If you’re looking for a fun yet challenging game that will get your brain working and reaction time sharp, Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk is a perfect choice!

You can enjoy various music styles and modes using the game’s features. One of the best and most interesting features is sensitivity. This allows the player to adjust their gameplay to play as easy or as hard as possible. With this feature, players do not have to look at their screen at all times because it turns on by touch! Another enjoyable feature is tempo control: by simply tapping anywhere on the screen, the tempo can be increased or decreased in a certain area.


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