No Way to Die: Survival Review 2022

No Way to Die: Survival is like a survival themed minecraft. It provides endless crafting opportunities, but the amount of content currently available isn’t vast enough to keep players entertained long-term.


No Way to Die

No Way to Die is like a warm blanket on a cold night. No Way to Die does not have in-app purchases and even has collectable keys that one can use to open up special loot boxes within the game after finishing certain missions. Oh, and did we mention you can grab the game at half off right now? It might be worth factoring that into your decision making process if you’re on the fence about whether or not this zombie hunting simulator should be in your library.

Going up against zombies in No Way to Die can definitely get old, but you aren’t completely alone. Other players run into each other from time to time, and I even needed the aid of some of them a couple times during my playthrough. They’re there for their own reasons though and others are content to simply coexist. Although it is okay, I would have preferred seeing other ways to interact with other players. A trade system or working together combination would have been great additions!



In the post-apocalyptic wasteland of No Way to Die, players explore a metal-encased city that’s been ravaged by a meteor and its resulting crystalline alien organism. Parts of the creature responsible for the disaster fused with some of the surviving animals and mutated them (into new entities like shambling zombies that can mutate into hulking monstrosities.

Not that they really matter because the real challenge comes from three main enemies: ambush predators (like leopard stalkers) who hunt you down, explode-spewing zombies, and enemies (including minibosses) who have spiky appendages. Remember also to watch out for mutated/unaltered critters – as some are more than happy to have your flesh as dinner.


The game’s maps fall under three general categories. The first includes maps where procedural generation is in play. The distribution of resources, however, might be different each time you visit the area. No Way to Die also features areas that never change such as the gas-station pocket zone, for example. These areas are always in the same spot and feature the same layout as well as enemies and item placements or materials. But last are what I call event zones which appear randomly at certain times and disappear after 15 to 20 minutes on average!

Exploring is an essential part of the game and will be a lot of fun right off the bat! Begin by hitting some rocks against a hunk of wood, you’ll soon progress to higher levels of crafting like improved electronics and firearms. Some players find this aspect of the game to be too difficult, but once they realize that it ultimately encourages them to collaborate with other travelers they find themselves really enjoying these challenges. We especially love how exploring provides us with a hotfix for making food and water which we all need in our day-to-day lives. It is no doubt that this aspect could use some work as it could make for some very long play sessions.

Gameplay Screenshots

No Way to Die
No Way to Die


I have to admit, playing No Way To Die was a blast. Completing a rare item or crafting something big that is used in the game felt very satisfying and kept me motivated to continue playing but there were some aspects that really bothered me. It became quite annoying when I had to travel between different areas each time I wanted to complete a simple task such as crafting. I hope Developers will continue to develop it actively and add other cool features with new updates!


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