A Comprehensive Review of “Milo and the Magpies” 2022

Milo and the Magpies is a delightful take on the classic point-and-click adventure games in that it employs simple mechanics and crystal clear visuals to effectively engage its audience without making them feel overwhelmed or intimidated. It’s a great way to pass your time without having to worry about getting too stressed!


A Comprehensive Review of "Milo and the Magpies" 2022

Milo and the Magpies is an artists’ rendition of a point-and-click, hidden-object game. It was created by artist Johan Scherff who has beautifully hand-painted each of its backgrounds & detailed, animated the characters for each scenario so that the player may truly get into every scene.

Milo is a curious cat who explores various gardens in search of the way back home. Unfortunately, the birds are in his way and it’s up to him to outsmart them by finding alternative methods or hiding from their sight. At last, he escapes from the dreaded birds who were closely pursuing him by hopping from one safe ledge to another on top of a high wall surrounding one of the neighboring houses and makes it home at last!



From the very beginning of the story, you’re introduced to the main character – Milo and the antagonists magpies! The nagging noise on her tiled roof is something that can be pretty annoying and before long, this gets Milo annoyed as well. He wants them out of his way, or so he thinks but then all of a sudden he falls into a completely new backyard that certainly doesn’t belong to him. He’ll have to navigate through the neighbor’s garden gates in order to find his way back home – of course things aren’t always that simple.

Your journey through Milo and the Magpies will take you to many places across the world, like pianist town and fish lake. You may feel as though your quest is difficult and that it might not be worth fighting for but let us reassure you that your loyal friend and helper, the magical pointer, will always aid you in finding a way to arrive safe back at home.


In this game, you can influence the protagonist to move him along or cause him to interact with various objects found in each garden. You can tap on anything from a pot, quill and inkwell to trees needed for fruit falling and being able to trigger certain events, such as flirting. The allure of this game is powered by having hand-drawn artworks by Johan Scherft, who happens to be a famous Dutch painter. The paintings not only passively contribute style but also bring about typical elements of the 16th century time period that the story unfolds in.

The game makes excellent use of visual cues and audio to present you with the all-important interactive objects in its environment. Said interactive objects are so well-marked off from the rest of the painted backgrounds that it’s pretty rare that you’ll ever feel like there’s nothing left to explore.

Gameplay Screenshots

A Comprehensive Review of "Milo and the Magpies" 2022
A Comprehensive Review of "Milo and the Magpies" 2022

Challenging Puzzles

Some puzzles can be challenging and frustrating, but this product won’t annoy you past the point of giving up! For the most part, you’ll have to paying attention to timed reactions from people and elements in the scene and make certain you tap on the right things in the right order, but not all at once. Solving puzzles does prevent you from becoming bored for a short time (about an hour or so).


There were many enjoyable parts of the game, but one I will always remember is the ambient music by Victor Butzelaar . The use of ambient noises and sound effects make for pleasant background sounds. The only thing that seemed to not fit well was the inclusion of very real-sounding human voices in a game set on an abandoned space station.

Whether you’re going through some emotional moments in your life, or just looking for something lighthearted and fun to do, Milo and the Magpies will not disappoint! With an hour-long playtime that’s sure to give you a pleasant sense of wholesomeness having played it, as well as a wonderfully rendered in-game narrative brimming with bright colors and South American themes – this is one game that even households with younger members will want to try. Plus, isn’t it nice to get out of your house every now and then?


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