Last Kingdom Defense Mod Apk 3.1.22 Unlimited Money And Gems 2022

Feeling the urge to be a part of the world of Vikings, mythology, and strategy but don’t have the space or financial funding for an action figure? Well, look no further because Last Kingdom Defense Mod Apk is a perk that should be on top of your bucket list!

Last Kingdom Defense Mod Apk Download

Last kingdom defense

Last Kingdom: Defense is an app where you can command Viking heroes against your enemies by building tower weapons and using their special ability cards to destroy them! The more waves you beat with help from boss cards, the stronger you’ll get with fortification upgrades. With heroes earned throughout each confrontation, you’ll be able to open new decks while strengthening your current ones in preparation for your next battle against non-stop action!

Vicious Vikings can now be played on your mobile device! In this epic strategy battle game, you can command one of three different factions of the Viking world – battling other tribal clans for control over the turbulent Nordic territories. It’s up to you to use cunning, strategy, and skill in order to build a strong defensive stronghold and defend against waves of attacking enemies at once.


Last Kingdom Defense Mod Apk Gameplay

A player must first plot out the strategies and unit placement to have a good chance of winning. The units in this game have their own abilities that can significantly impact the outcome of each match. Upgrading your units is essential because they become more powerful at each level – building specific structures over your territory grants access to additional units with critical skills.

It is essential to have the right strategic game plan when taking on all the territories in this game. Knowing how to balance your defense against the offense is crucial for victory since you will want to defeat other players from all over the world.

Last Kingdom Defense Mod Apk Features

Join with Friends

In The Last Kingdom game, clans can exponentially increase their strength by including friends. To do this, please allow your friend to know the special clan identification code provided by your clan leader. After typing it into the ‘join a clan’ section at the top of your screen, you will be able to join forces and work together as a unit to eliminate opposing teams in battle even quicker.

Furthermore, a person should remain only in one clan or it will increase the chances of your group getting attacked by enemy clans in unison.

Unlimited Waves

In this game, you control several bases at once, making it important to place new units strategically each time. Use the Vikings to fight pirates and then switch to ranged units when setting up your army against Egypt.

PvP ranking system

The game is a competitive action-role-playing concept in which players engage other tribes online. It boasts a PvP ranking system that lets you challenge friends or random opponents from around the world whenever you wish to boost your standings among the global gaming community. There are also rankings for people who want to see where they stand among other gamers worldwide and you can even try your hand at being crowned overlord of all clans in this game!

Make your own clan

There are 3 clans in The Last Kingdom: Defense strategy game. They are the Vikings, Egyptian, and Ninja clans. Players will join one of them when they account for the first time in this famous online strategy game after signing up or creating one.

Level-Up and growth

As you defeat enemies or conquer the land, you’ll often receive experience points. You’ll keep those points until they’ve reached a certain level and then be able to level up the unit. As your unit levels up, it can increase its attack damage, health, or overtime income per second generated passively, making them even more capable in a battle for free, making them an all the more valuable asset on the battlefield.

Gameplay screenshots

Last kingdom defense
Last kingdom defense
Last kingdom defense
Last kingdom defense
Last UpdatedJul 28, 2022
Current Version3.1.22
File Size184M
PublisherStudio Ampersand
Requires5.0 and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay

Last Kingdom Defense Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money

Installation Guide

Last kingdom defense


The Last Kingdom: Defense mod apk has a very active and motivated community of players who are constantly on the lookout for new strategies to try out, which keeps subreddit and forum threads of this game bustling with ideas and recommendations. For example, meeting forum users have posted about how they strategically decide when exactly to deploy different unit types into specific territories in order to keep on top of enemy waves and quickly take care of any invaders that may be present.


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