Heroes Evolved Mod Apk 2022

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Heroes Evolved Mod Apk Download

Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved Mod Apk comes from the makers of popular online RPGs such as the Magic Rush series and Summoners War. The latest offering for Android devices is a premium shooter-based game that has thus far garnered critical acclaim due to its fascinating lore, quality gameplay, and profoundly addictive combat mechanics.

When starting out on your journey, you will be tasked with choosing between multiple classes before heading out into one of four extensive campaigns based on different fantasy/sci-fi scenarios. In addition to completing quests or defeating enemies while exploring, you can engage in challenging PvP battles if you desire (i.e., guild wars), or complete special event missions to receive valuable rewards like energy refill cards or powerful character upgrades!


You don’t need a trick to change your interface in Heroes Evolved. You can adjust the transparency, the scale, background images, the chat settings, and so on with ease. The game lets you level up quickly for users to create and customize their characters within an average time, making it easy for both new and experienced users to adapt to their gameplay.

Heroes Evolved Mod Apk Gameplay

Heroes Evolved Mod Apk allows players to customize their Heroes by choosing hairstyles, costumes, and weapons. There are an extensive amount of choices on offer when it comes to individualizing your character down to the finest of details. The heroes are categorized into different factions such as Mage, Warrior, or Rogue, each having specific attributes that create an interesting rivalry between them!

Heroes Evolved Features

Seamless 5V5 MOBA Battles to Players

The game offers seamless 5V5 MOBA battles to players. Players can select from more than 120 different heroes that can act independently. While organizing your team, you can decide upon a total of 3 classes. Each class has its own unique goal, but it is vital for survival throughout the match. Different combat phases are also included, like the preparation phase, where you organize and prepare your team before starting the battle with proper strategy or in-depth planning that must be preset before the rollout occurs.

Various Modes

This game has been played all over the world because it has six different ways to destroy an opponent’s castle.

Domination – When the dominant team manages to control key points and strong monsters there will be an advantage.

Destroyed–If a team has completed more towers than their opponents, or killed more of the enemy’s champions, or dealt more damage than all of their rivals combined, then that team leads.

Deathmatch – Every time a team member dies they lose gold so to win the match you have to be skillful regarding your weapon.

Team Deathmatch – All rules remain the same as in Deathmatch mode except you win when all members of your opponent’s team are killed.

Holy Relics– spawn in the middle of this gritty, chaotic battlefield and roughly every ten minutes per game. Both teams want to achieve certain objectives by controlling the relics and turning them in to score Holy Coins which can be used as a currency for purchasing items required for victory.

Capture Points – Teams gain points by capturing neutral camps or defending their own. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Completing Various Quests

Like League of Legends: Wild Rift, players can increase their in-game power by gaining XP and leveling up. This can be done through K-Ching, obtained while completing quests and defeating opposing players and NPCs. These experience points assist in increasing stats like health levels, attack damage, and defense, making them more powerful enough to face difficult monsters or any opposing faction players.

Compete with Other Players

The developers have designed a new mode in this game where players can compete with other players on random maps. The mode consists of level 100s with increased difficulty levels as you progress. Each level offers new challenges, loot, equipment, and powerful items randomly dropped for players, allowing them to become even stronger against their opponents.

Gameplay Screenshots

Heroes Evolved
Heroes Evolved
Heroes Evolved
Heroes Evolved
Last UpdatedJul 15, 2022
Current Version2.2.2.3
File Size350M
PublisherNetdragon Websoft Inc,
Requires4.4 and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay

Heroes Evolved Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money

Installation Guide

Heroes Evolved Mod Apk 2022


Exciting Planetary Conquests adds an element of fun to Heroes Evolved MMO RPG where you can battle against your fellow players for galactic supremacy as you fight over the territories of Mars after it has been divided into many sectors. To win, you must select a rival opponent and beat them in battle by racking up more points than them.

There are a number of different pets, each providing special advantages during PvP (Player vs Player) combat or in quests. For example, one pet, the muscular Bear type, can block damage that would normally be directed toward its master’s HP (Health Points).


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