Figure Fantasy Review – Breath of Fresh Air in Idle RPG

Figure Fantasy is a breath of fresh air in the world of idle gacha RPGs. The art style on display is wonderful and some might say that it’s definitely an eye catcher. Not only can players experience the fun of collecting figurines but they can immerse themselves in a well-polished story and epic battles against hordes of enemies in this one-of-a-kind game experience.


Figure Fantasy Review - Breath of Fresh Air in Idle RPG

Gacha games are incredibly popular in the west and they’ve been used in numerous mobile apps that you can download on your devices. While Figure Fantasy might not be the best of them all since the game is quite buggy, it’s definitely one of the most refreshing role-playing experiences I’ve had on Android this year.

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Intriguing Story of Figure Fantasy

Surprisingly, we were intrigued by Figure Fantasy’s approach to toys coming alive. It’s silly of course, but the game’s narrative manages to make it a little more than just a Toy Story riff – the characters actually have reasons behind their actions outside of simple mischief.

You’ll be the master of these Puzzle Figurines in your room, but wouldn’t it feel even stranger to speak out loud to these figurines or interact with them? The narrative does a good job at creating suspension of disbelief for players who start out feeling a little awkward about speaking “to an object” and end up interacting with their figurines after all! It’s not often one can revisit already watched cut-scenes just by entering your Gallery, so make sure you watch each scene as it unfolds while exploring your Puzzle Figurine world when you’ve got some spare time!

Gameplay Screenshots

Figure Fantasy Review - Breath of Fresh Air in Idle RPG
Figure Fantasy Review - Breath of Fresh Air in Idle RPG

Stunning Visuals

The visuals of Figure Fantasy really inspired me when it comes to playing and collecting gacha games. Each figure is magnificently crafted in a way that seems almost real to me. The attention to detail is amazing, like the realistic lighting or the textures on the characters. I like how each character portrait isn’t just flat though – I feel like there’s so much more depth to them all which makes them feel like they would come alive at any moment! Those masterfully crafted poses are certainly beautiful too, as well as the beautifully designed bases that higher ranking characters have.

As for graphics during gameplay, there is a lot of attention to detail put into the animation making each figurine look wealthy in both personality and life. The art-style itself looks outstanding as it is but when you toss in all the possibilities that come from having an entire pool of them at your disposal, then truly you will want to collect them all.

Typical of the genre, players will have their regular dungeons for material collection, their PvP modes, their never-ending tower runs, and its roguelike-esque mode. Battles are what players share with other similar idlers — you might choose a toggle autofire (Auto) on if it’s more convenient. In addition, You will earn rewards from idle time, assisting with building your characters up as you level them. Additionally, as you play, your five figurines will remain set at the same level.


Figure Fantasy is not the perfect game and has a few different downsides. For example, story missions cost Energy, though the game provides a lot more than similar titles for the player’s energy pool. You might also notice there are artificial limitations on gameplay that ultimately hinder it in some ways. There were graphical issues that are typical of this game. Most noticeable is the lack of textures sometimes not loading when you first enter, followed by characters becoming suddenly invisible.

Though I had loved the ideas presented in Figure Fantasy, the lack of paint and plastic coming across in the gameplay disappointed me. Being challenged with a small hand of cards and acquiring them through figurine battles should have been differentiating features that would have allowed for greater variety in gameplay and made the process more enjoyable. However, it is possible that another objective may have brought some excitement to this already amusing game, while still encouraging players to keep playing.


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