Dude Theft Wars Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Mod Menu) 2022

Dude Theft Wars Mod Apk is an action game parody of cinematic gangster movies. Through this mobile game, you get to customize your avatar and become the most notorious criminal in town as you battle against rival gangs and make plans to dominate more territories.

Dude Theft Wars Mod APK Download

Dude Theft Wars Mod APK

Simulation games have become a mainstream phenomenon these days, as anyone can play them whether they are an experienced gamer or not. However, what if you combine the aspects of simulation and sandbox games in one?
Do you want to play a game similar to Grand Theft Auto? Then check out Dude Theft Wars! Poxel Studios has created this game just for you as it’s reached 10 million downloads, and that too in Android only. In this game, you can do anything from petty pranks like annoying others to disturbing the peace and taking motion pictures of other players’ traveling journeys worldwide.

Dude Theft Wars Mod APK Gameplay

What if we all lived in a world where anything was possible? Where stealing cars and selling them is not considered illegal and everyone wants a Lamborghini or Porsche – why not give up an honest life of being a citizen just to drive away in one of these?


This open-world game is everything you’ve ever wanted to do in a video game and more! You’ll play as Jack, who has lived a normal life until he found himself in Dude-o-polis! In this game, you can do pretty much anything one could ever want for themselves – or others for that matter. Stake out strangers’ homes or throw grenades at them. It’s all up to your imagination! But whatever you choose to do, there’s absolutely no restriction on the type of mischief you want to get into! You can even help other people if you feel like it!

As for the game’s design, it features a world that is like that of Minecraft. However, its gameplay is like the Grand Theft Auto series. Furthermore, the video game offers your many hours of fun!

Dude Theft Wars Mod APK Features

This is a unique game that has plenty of ways for you to win. You can try to steal cars, slap people or blow up their buildings! Let’s go over some features of this amazing new title:

Tons of Items

Dude Theft Wars is a massive game with tons of items you can interact with and acquire as inventory! In Dude Theft Wars, there are plenty of souvenirs to take home and keep in your inventory, such as weaponry or vehicles like skateboards, cars, and even UFOs!

Open World Sandbox Game

You can become a master criminal in this game that pulls off heists. The police will try to stop you, but it adds to the excitement as you race to escape! As you advance through the plot, you’ll level up and unlock tons of cool stuff like powerful weapons, cars, and gear.

Graphics like Minecraft

The graphics of this gaming might very well remind you of Minecraft, but other than that, the most important thing is that you are playing from the first-person point of view.

Intuitive Controls

In the Dude Theft Wars game, the controls are pretty simple. First off is the virtual pad on the left-hand side of your screen. Then you have your fire and aim buttons located on the right. You also have an armory where you can change up weapons for your character in a snap!

Gameplay Screenshots

Dude Theft Wars Mod APK
Dude Theft Wars Mod APK
Last UpdatedAug 9, 2022
Current Version0.9.0.7e
File Size190M
PublisherPoxel Studios Games
Requires5.1 and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay

Dude Theft Wars Mod Features

  • Unlimited money (increase when spend)

Installation Guide

Dude Theft Wars Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Mod Menu) 2022
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You can play the game in both single-player or online modes, however, the multiplayer version of the game is the most fun and rewarding because it is open to more players in what become random online scenarios. Here, players are able to enjoy playing together by targeting streets and buildings‚ robbing banks‚ teasing police forces, and destructive activities as they roam freely around your city. One great aspect of this new version of the game is that it allows up to 15 players in one room which means you can have even more friends do things at once!


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