Drive Ahead Mod Apk 3.15.5 Unlocked All Cars 2022

Download Drive Ahead Mod APK for Android and wreak havoc with customized monster trucks that behave like real-life off-road machines!

Drive Ahead Mod Apk Download

Drive Ahead Mod Apk 3.15.5 Unlocked All Cars 2022

Usually, when we think of cars, we associate them with racing. After all, most car games are designed to do that! But once in a while, someone tries to deviate from the norm and creates something unique and very fun. The result? Some exceptional games don’t necessarily have to involve smashing into other cars!

Drive Ahead Mod Apk! is a car-tastic fighting game where players don’t need to race to win. They need to have the most fun beating each other up using cars! It’s not usually easy selecting your first game to play with friends when you’re in party mode, especially if it’s an unfamiliar one, so we think this will make the transition a lot easier. Choose Drive Ahead! and let the monster car fighting begin!


Drive Ahead Mod Apk Gameplay

Death Race Mod Apk is not about patience or strategy. There are no great driving skills required here except for the need to drive as fast as you can down a narrow path trying to escape from people trying to annihilate you. In this game, it’s two competitors against each other when they get into their cars and try to run over each other to eliminate the other before they do.
The game sounds straightforward, but it’s quite complicated in reality, especially when there are so many variables such as hills, mud, and water to contend with, making every obstacle that much harder to overtake.

As you play this game, remember that there’s nothing good that comes out of slowing down since your main goal is just speed while maintaining control at all times, even if it requires bumping into other fighters along the way. This game is just like life because there are no rules except for the one where everyone wants everyone else dead!

Drive Ahead Mod Apk Features

With the physical components of Drive Ahead, you’re unable to play the game with a car placed on top of the board. Here are some unique features that make playing the game so much fun:

Easy to use Controls

The controls are easy and fun! Simply touch one side of your phone on the right or left to move in a certain direction, then swipe up to jump your car as you please. To win the game, you must hit other cars while trying your best to dodge them simultaneously. After every collision, the player earns one point and is awarded 5 points for winning a match.

Two Modes to play

Race for the finish line in either of two modes – AI Mode or PVP mode. In AI Mode, you’ll race against computer-generated opponents that are just as race-worthy as your human opponents! Will this be a cakewalk, or will you challenge yourself by playing against real people? You make the call!

Various Car Models Available

In this game, there are various car models available for you to purchase. Feel free to choose the ones you feel most comfortable driving around in a while, running over obstacles and destroying tanks, helicopters, and other vehicles in your way. Just make sure to choose wisely.

8-Bit Graphics

While pixel art may not be in vogue anymore, choosing to go with this kind of graphical design for Drive Ahead! makes a lot of sense. This particular game calls for an art style that looks more modern than what you get from games that use 8-bit graphics. Even though the game may not look quite as good as its real counterparts, it still manages to keep things visually striking by keeping the artwork interesting and detailed enough to hold your attention. The nice thing about pixel art is that it doesn’t affect gameplay in any way. It can even enhance it!

Gameplay Screenshots

Drive Ahead Mod Apk
Drive Ahead Mod Apk
Last UpdatedAug 19, 2022
Current Version3.15.6
File Size173M
PublisherDodreams Ltd.
Requires5.0 and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay

Drive Ahead Mod Features

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Installation Guide

Drive Ahead Mod Apk 3.15.5 Unlocked All Cars 2022
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