Dragon Village Mod Apk 13.42 Unlimited Money And Gems 2022

Dragon Village Mod Apk is everything this game revolves around, with a fresh new look. All the NPCs are styled in an anime/fantasy theme and everything has been retextured to that same style.

Dragon Village Mod Apk Download

Dragon Village Mod Apk

Dragons have been considered mythological creatures present in many cultures through the ages. They have held a position of importance and interest among humans. In ancient times they had a place in religion as an object of worship because they possessed magical powers. However, when science has advanced dramatically in modern times, most people understand that these mythical creatures cannot exist. However, rather than scaring people, dragons have become interesting to them due to all of the products created around them involving games and movies, such as modern technology and animation capabilities.

In Chinese mythology, the dragon is a creature of terrible power, able to create winds that destroy trees and houses and deadly typhoons. This power ends up being harnessed by Tap Pocket, which possesses the expertise in creating games based on this kind of imagery. The result is one stunning app after another.


Dragon Village Mod Apk Gameplay

As the game begins, you are introduced to your very first dragon. You play a wizard whose objective is to raise and train these mythical creatures in peak conditions through intensive training. As soon as this dragon hatches out of its egg and grows into a baby, you can begin the journey towards raising and training this creature up to become fully grown and ready for use in combat.

You can buy different – Habitats, Dragons, Buildings, and Resources in order to improve the quality of your village.

Dragon Village Mod Apk Features

Building a village is fun and can be also addictive. One of the many ways to help pay for these new improvements in your village is by setting up shop and selling resources to friends or other villagers for exorbitant prices, sometimes more than what you paid for them originally!

Magical dragons are the best type of pet because they transform into unstoppable forces.

Train to Battle Your Dragons

Once you’ve grown your dragon, you can train it for battle. It’s all part of the game’s idle style. Your dragons will fight and attack seemingly of their own will once you’ve reached that point in their development. Their strength relies on the amount of help and cares you were able to provide them as a hatchling.

Leveled Up Your Creatures

Once you’ve leveled up your creatures to be used in PvP battles and feel confident that you are prepared for a challenge, then it’s time for you to go into PvP mode. In this mode, your creations will fight other players’ creatures all over the world. You will be able to see how strong you are through battling other players’ pets as they grow in levels as well as using their own special abilities.

To maximize the strength of your pets in battle, it’s important to keep them in top shape and working at peak performance. Each of these mythical creatures has a particular element that is most vulnerable to one in particular. Consider a strategy based on attacking weaknesses.

Amazing Graphics

The graphics in this game show great resolutions, and the players can enjoy extremely high-quality visuals while everything is animated so clearly with Dragon World. Every detail of the little world has been worked on to create a detailed and colorful gaming environment. Because there are no rules or previous knowledge needed to play this game, anyone can dive right in, grow feed develop their dragons through whichever means they wish to do it!

Battles in Dragon Village

Players choose from various eggs to combine and create their hybrid nature to create a world of dragons. As soon as the dragons start growing, their appearance and power change with each level. There are many people the players can hire and valuable skills that can maximize everything.

It was easy for me to distinguish one from the other but that’s not all – I was so invested in this visual art piece that I became attached to one dragon over any other simply because it felt as though I had grown with it during all the journey’s ups and downs.

Gameplay Screenshots

Dragon Village Mod Apk
Dragon Village Mod Apk
Dragon Village Mod Apk
Last UpdatedJun 19, 2022
Current Version13.42
File SizeVaries with device
PublisherTap Pocket
Requires4.4 and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay

Dragon Village Mod Features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Resources

Installation Guide

Dragon Village Mod Apk 13.42 Unlimited Money And Gems 2022


Dragon Village Mod Apk is an immersive simulation game where players can harness the magical power of dragons to create their world. Centuries have passed since they were first discovered, and legends are still being told about them today. By bringing color illustrations to life, Dragon Village is a genius twist on the fantasy that has only been made possible thanks to advanced mobile technology. Check it out!


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