Dan The Man MOD APK 1.10.52 (Unlimited Money)2022

Dan The Man MOD APK – Let’s discuss five of the most important reasons why people would want to include the Dan the Man MOD APK when they look for quality and reliable games.

Dan The Man MOD APK Free Download

Dan The Man MOD APK

Dan The Man MOD APK can best be described as a platformer game where you assume control of Dan, who is on a quest to save his girlfriend Josie. In this mind-captivating adventure, you will have to go from one level to the next, fighting bad guys and solving puzzles while you advance through the story. This captivating experience was created in March 2010 by Joho Studios and holds an impressive rating of four out of five stars on GameSpot.

Most viewers thought it would be best to develop Jetpack Joyride or Fruit Ninja into reality. It seems that they did not have the means to do so at the time, but were instead inspired to create mini-version of what those video games might look like if they were able to make them more realistic on a more limited scale. In June 2016, Dan the Man was officially released for mobile platforms via the iTunes App Store in collaboration with Halfbrick studios and Joho Studio. This basically proves their design was both feasible and appealing to audiences!


Dan The Man MOD APK Gameplay

Dan’s village is in disarray. Evil forces are wrecking havoc as the game progresses. In our last installment, we learned that his girlfriend was kidnapped, but met a mysterious character who helped him keep moving forward by providing him with a magical pair of twin blades to fight off enemies. In the first two sections, you will start at the top of a mountain and make your way downward while defeating any intruders who get in your way all while guided by the peace loving fox who has kept Dan safe until now – but what’s she going to do when evil strikes? Regardless, you’ll need to prepare yourself for battle because anything could happen!

In Story Mode, Dan the Man consists of 12 stages with many quests to explore more about Dan and the rest of the game’s colorful characters and world. There are a lot of curious treasures to find along the way, plus you can play as other character perspectives including Josie and Barry Steakfries! Much like how he first met Dan, Barry Steakfries ended up stumbling upon this peaceful village ripe for protecting by players who will do whatever it takes to keep it safe. Therefore, we didn’t take long at all to recruit him given his desire in wanting to play a hero once again while also feeding his insatiable curiosity that just never seems to be satiated.

And because Barry is such an integral part of our society here at Villageville—we’ve even made him Chief of Police after he became the only lawman who could stop crime from breaking out due to his love for ALL things bacon!

Dan The Man MOD APK Features


The game is played using a classic Arcade-style controller of 5 buttons. If you press the moving keys in combination with the Attack button, you can create gorgeous combos that inflict significant damage to your opponents. While pressing the Shoot button, players have access to ranged weapons – but only guns and other similar tools belong to this category!


The game is designed to make you feel like your character is progressing – through its ability to upgrade your character’s powers, buy armor and weapons for yourself, not to mention the opportunity to learn new skills every time you level up.


I have a real nostalgia for classics, like Pac Man or Mario Bros – that’s why I enjoyed playing through Dan The Man. It has the same graphics found in classic scene games, but with new enemies and landscapes to enjoy.

Gameplay Screenshots

Dan The Man MOD APK
Dan The Man MOD APK
Dan The Man MOD APK
Dan The Man MOD APK
Last UpdatedJul 13, 2022
Current Version1.10.52
File Size85M
PublisherHalfbrick Studios
Requires4.4 and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay

Dan The Man Mod Features

  • Unlimited money

Installation Guide

Dan The Man MOD APK 1.10.52 (Unlimited Money)2022
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Final Thoughts (Conclusion)

Currently, Dan the Man Mod APk has more than 10 million downloads and the number is increasing daily. It is no coincidence that the game received the “Best of Games for 2016” award for mobile games. Are you ready to go on an adventure? Save the princess from a group of marauders?


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