Camscanner Pro Mod Apk (No Watermark) 2022

Camscanner Pro Mod Apk With CamScanner, you can click pictures from your android device using your mobile phone’s camera and automatically have it

Later, you can store the image in your cloud storage and you can also convert it into a PDF or DOCs

Your image is scanned by AI technology and it automatically highlights the important parts of the image.


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Camscanner Pro Mod Apk

A student or office worker who often needs to scan documents should get a scanner with these three handy features.

It’s time you to try the CamScanner Pro Apk 2022 so that you can scan your images, ID cards, and docs, and convert them to PDF, word, or even print them in high quality

A document scanner and sharing app that works with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device. It’s the best way to share photos and documents on the go.

Scan your documents using CamScanner Pro and then share them online at no extra cost.

How it works

Scanning your favorite recipes to organize your bills is just one of the awesome things you can do with CamScanner.

One of the best things about CamScanner Pro 2022 is the intelligent software that makes it easy to scan and optimize your pictures.

Camscanner Pro Mod Apk Features

Unlimited scans

This is a must-have feature of this app.

If you’re looking for a more advanced and comprehensive scanning solution, you’ll want to pay attention to the premium version of Amazon’s Unlimited Scans feature.

We have a free version for everyone, and after scanning a document you can simply download it for editing purposes. But for more advanced editing we need a premium pack.

With the unlimited scan feature, we can now scan any image or document and convert it to Word, Excel, and PDF.

No watermarks

So, what’s a watermark? Watermarks are faint designs or symbols embedded in a document by a brand or creator.

Examples include, for example, you may have noticed that some of the letters in the government’s document are faint. Q:

The fainted letter known as a watermark looks a lot like the words “Copyright (c) 2010” or “Copyright (c) 2019.

Unlimited OCR credit

I love this feature in this CamScanner pro mod apk.

You can use up to four free credits every month to help your team complete projects faster.

That’s a good deal for you to have 1000 scans/month for a limited time.

“What is OCR?” and “How to use it?” If this is your first time using it, we’re going to answer both of

Free cloud uploads

Take regular backups of your documents and keep them in a safe place.

Scanning documents through a scanner can be a tedious task. The manual backup process is a pain, but fortunately, there are some automated tools available.

With the CamScanner premium app, you can perform the same task without doing any hard work.

After scanning any document, you can upload it to cloud storage in just one click.

In addition, you can assign any 3rd party cloud storage to your account for more backup options.


Camscanner Pro Mod Apk
Camscanner Pro Mod Apk
Camscanner Pro Mod Apk (No Watermark) 2022
Camscanner Pro Mod Apk
Last UpdatedAug 16, 2022
Current Version6.23.0.2208100000
File Size93M
PublisherCamSoft Information
Requires5.0 and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay
Alda Games

Mod Features

  • Premium Feature Unlocked

Installation Guide

Camscanner Pro Mod Apk (No Watermark) 2022


We hope this update works for you and that you are satisfied.

This CamScanner pro mod app will give you free access to all premium features.

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