Boxing Star Mod Apk 4.0.0 Unlimited (Money And Gold)2022

Boxing Star Mod Apk is an interesting boxing game for the mobile platform. I like this game because the gameplay is intuitive and the visuals are appealing, though it’s not without flaws of course. Let me share some tips and tricks to help you get through this game!

Boxing Star Mod Apk Download

Boxing Star Mod Apk

While WWE Mayhem featured explosive entertainment, several other games have excelled at providing players with a riveting experience both in the offensive and defensive phases of gameplay. Some of my favorite titles include Shadow Fight, Puzzle Fighter, and the recent Boxing Star. The last one has really caught my attention because it’s quite interesting in so many ways. For this reason alone I figured it was worth representing in this post to give those who might not be familiar with Wrestling Mayhem itself (which would be my target market) a chance to check out how engaging a few other combat-oriented mobile gaming options are!

Boxing Star is a boxing game where you start off as a champion and fight your way to the top by defeating other contenders. You start by choosing from one of 3 body types for your fighter and entering a nickname. The options seem limited but you can earn more options later on.


Boxing Star Mod Apk Gameplay

Joe the King is in the ring with a shadowy figure called the “Grave”. It’s Joe against the world after he witnesses his girlfriend murdered by members of a local crime syndicate. A Grave is a man who knows rare martial arts moves and techniques, which were passed down from master to apprentice as well as insider information on how to take down opponents. Only one of them can be victorious in this rugged ugly boxing match – get ready to play Joe’s Vs. The Grave!

Boxing Star features a system that is quite simple compared to similar top-down boxing games and future releases of the game will also reflect this simplicity with additions such as more characters and locations.

In story mode, you will accomplish missions and progress through the character in stages. As you win the fight with each of the enemies, you will rise in rank until the top is achieved. On the left corner of the screen, there is your task list which helps keep track of all your current assignments. It also shows how great a warrior you are by highlighting your character’s level and ranking.

When doing battle with other players, you are playing a tournament. During the tournament, you will win prizes for your character.

Boxing Star Mod Apk Features

List of Characters

Boxing Star also has a variety of additional features that you may find convenient. For instance, a list of characters, lots of useful skills in the Training section and a shop where you can buy what you need.


Boxing Star is an action game that allows you to play as a boxer and fight other boxers. During the gameplay, you need to be aggressive or defensive tactics and skills based on your character’s strength. The most interesting part of the gameplay is the boxing training in each level. You also have to pick up rewards during the training because they will help you improve your skills in fighting against your opponent during a match.

Gameplay ScreenShots

Boxing Star Mod Apk
Boxing Star Mod Apk
Boxing Star Mod Apk
Boxing Star Mod Apk
Last UpdatedJul 3, 2022
Current Version4.0.0
File Size87M
PublisherFourThirtyThree Inc.
Requires4.4 and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay

Boxing Star Mod Features

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Boxing Star Mod Apk 4.0.0 Unlimited (Money And Gold)2022


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