Background Changer Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) 2022

Background Changer This app is the perfect tool to change the background of your images with any suitable one of your choice. This is what everyone says, because it’s easier than you think to click the best pictures. All of this is possible now, with zero skill and qualification, right from your smartphone.Use as many images as you like! Just combine them together in sequence or by rotation. This is where you can change the background of your picture or the destination you are taking your picture at, and this is very useful to change your background if you want a

Background Changer Mod Apk Download

Background Changer

It’s time to find a photo editor that lets you manipulate the colors in your photos to give them a custom look. If yes, then there’s no app like Background Changer Mod Apk. It gives the users a new look and feel to their Android device. To create amazing memories for yourself and your loved ones, download the best image editing software to edit, enhance and retouch images, and apply various photo effects to them.

Background Changer Mod Apk Gameplay

Besides this, images could be directly exported as stickers or JPG on various social sites. These stickers made with this application are good for WhatsApp chats. It makes users comforted as they don’t have to run other apps to make their chats more interesting.


Background Changer Features

Get quality images

Background changer app lets you use advanced technology to divide your image into different sections and layers. These layers are available to the user, and they are free to add or remove any desired or undesirable elements respectively. One can crop images from any source and put them where desired. A cropped image is an exact copy of the original image. The only difference is that the original photo has a white or transparent background, while your cropped image will have a solid black background. This app lets you change the background color, which makes the cropped image stand out in the photo gallery. With the background transaction, a user would additionally benefit from the photo editing feature that helps users to adjust the brightness and contrast of the photo.

Al technology

In this app, you’ll find all kinds of images that are being taken by millions of people everyday and are being used to generate stunning artwork and images. This software is basically an easy-to-use version of Photoshop. It allows you to make great pictures from just about anything. If you’re just beginning, it’s an excellent introduction to editing pictures. There’s an auto editor in the app which will use AI to edit the image, resize, flip and rotate the picture and several other color filters, which are used for image modification. Edit this document so that all the features listed above make it easy and exciting to edit. It is never-ending because the list of possible backgrounds and creativity is infinite. One who knows contrast and saturation can make use of this.

Photo editor and merger

This app allows you to quickly adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, warmth, and other image parameters. The color range and adjustable filters improve the quality of the image. You can not only edit but also merge more than one picture to get the desired framework. If your images are merged together you can edit and create new images. After editing is complete, you can save the image in local files in different formats, like JPG, PNG, or PDF. After the picture edit, we get an option to save the image as a draft. Images saved in drafts can be re-edited, but they’re best used for creating a new document.

Make multiple changes at once

In addition, you can make further changes by using the various tools on the toolbar like editing the border, adding different shapes to make it compatible with different social media platforms. You can use the Background Change option without needing to edit images through any special requirements, because the combination of features will give you all the skill you need. Users who have no editing knowledge can use this app to bring life to their photos. Today’s ultra-social world means that their social profiles evaluate the person. This app comes in handy to have a photo with full satisfaction.

Gameplay Screenshots

Background Changer
Background Changer
Background Changer
Background Changer
Last UpdatedAug 15, 2022
Current Version5.7.0
File Size202M
Requires6.0 and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay
Alda Games

Mod Features

  • Premium Unlocked – 

Installation Guide

Background Changer Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) 2022


Background Changer is the best photography app for Android that makes your photos look stunning. If you already use another app to make these edits, you will no longer need it. You can add borders and choose the best image ratio as per your preferences. You can personalize your backgrounds using over 5 million custom fonts and fonts from the Google Font Directory. If you’re in a hurry, you can use the AI to quickly make suggestions, and if you’re at work, you can save



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