Accubattery Mod Apk (Pro Unlocked) 2022

AccuBattery Mod ApK is the most powerful application for your Android that monitors your battery’s performance and provides you with relevant information on how to maximize the life of your device.

The application offers many exciting features, including an intuitive interface, battery optimization, dark mode, the ability to control your phone’s charging, and other awesome features.

It tells you which charging cycle your battery should be in for maximum performance. You’ll also learn about when it’s okay to scale your battery for maximum performance.


The easiest way to maximize the life of your battery is to calibrate it correctly before it dies. This application does exactly that for free!

The more accurate your battery information is, the longer your battery lasts.

Accubattery Mod Apk Download

Accubattery Mod Apk

If your device runs out of power, it can result in a variety of problems. However, there are some applications that can help you solve this problem.

Yes, if you’re looking for a smart flashlight that works for all seasons, look no further than AccuBattery Mod Apk.

How does it work?

The AccuBattery Mod Apk battery charger will give you the precise details on your battery’s health so that you can always be sure you have enough time to recharge it.

This app lets you easily read the content on your smartphone. It’s user-friendly so that you can easily access it from your device.

You can easily check the amount of power left in your battery by measuring its voltage over time with AccuBattery.

The application suggests an interval based on how many times you use your mobile phone and the kind of application installed on it.

A good thing about this application is that it doesn’t modify any system settings or interfere with other applications, making it a simple yet effective tool for managing the performance of your Android phone’s battery.

Accubattery Mod Apk Features

Intuitive interface to monitor everything

Accubattery Mod Apk This application is easy to use because it’s made to be friendly to the end-user.

Its dark mode makes the app look extremely decent.

The table of contents makes it easy to find the information you want as quickly as possible.

A smartphone screen displays information about how much power remains in the phone, what the current status of your battery is, which apps are draining it and how long it will last until the next charge.

Estimate battery lifetime

Accubattery Mod Apk Like Kernel Manager, AccuBattery provides users with an estimate of the time their batteries will last.

Use this feature to keep track of how many charging cycles are left and what percentage of battery life is remaining.

This info helps you make informed decisions about whether or not to upgrade your phone.

This app will let you know if your device’s battery capacity is getting better or worse.

The number of times your phone charges can serve as an indicator for your phone’s life cycle, which you can use to figure out when you should replace it.

Avoid overcharging with a charging alarm

Accubattery Mod Apk The advanced charging monitor on AccuBattery will tell your device when it is ready to charge so you won’t have to keep checking the battery life while you’re on the go.

This is an excellent app for preserving the performance of your battery and ensuring that it will perform properly over the long term.

You can also choose to enable alarms when the battery reaches 100%, 80%, and 50%, so you know when to remove the battery to prevent it from overheating.


Accubattery Mod Apk
Accubattery Mod Apk
Accubattery Mod Apk
Accubattery Mod Apk
Last UpdatedAug 20, 2021
Current Version1.5.1.1
File Size9.0M
Offered ByDigibites
Requires5.0 and up
Google Play StoreGooglePlay

Mod Features

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Accubattery Mod Apk (Pro Unlocked) 2022


The most intuitive app for Android users, AccuBattery PRO is a great battery saver app that can be used by even those who are new to all this. Simply download it and never again deal with shortened battery life.

The application supports all android devices and all Android devices, whether they are low or high configured, the application will provide you the optimal performance.

Thank the highly active development team which keeps improving the app and satisfying the users with the performance.

Fast-charging means using the fastest possible charging current to charge a battery that’s near full capacity, which requires a faster charge.

You can save money by keeping your internal temperature within a safe range. If you have trickle mode enabled, the phone will charge slower but it won’t heat up.

You can select which of these modes to use depending on whether you need a quick charge, a full charge, or the longest battery life possible.


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